About GPC

Gentle Persons Club are a new Brisbane based indie folk five-piece born out of the West End, Brisbane music scene in 2016. It began with front-man Brad, who had many times been accused of hoarding his music and letting creative talent get lost in the pub and club circuit.

Seeking amity, he founded GPC with the virtuoso Gareth Mews on violin and Jessica McFadyen on trumpet and tin whistle, backed by a solid rhythm section, consequently resulting in an immersive sound, rich with texture, as are the stories and ideas conveyed.

Together GPC explore the sound and concepts of world roots’ music with contemporary arrangements and well-crafted songwriting.

The outfit released their first single Weight in the Water with accompanying music video in February 2018, followed by the debut All We Need EP, and are currently working on two more clips to be released in mid 2018.


The sound of world roots' music with contemporary arrangements & well-crafted songwriting.