All We Need EP

The EP has an overriding call to awareness, to face our fears, and a reminder to travel in a direction that serves us and the planet in a holistic manner.

Each song on the EP is immersed in story and its own theme:

1. Weight in the Water speaks of the healing powers of water, nature and relationships.

2. Stumbling Block is a call to action to address the things which keep tripping us up it uses fishing knots to tell a story.

3. ‘All we Need’ confirms the underlying simplicity of life, savouring your experience, and making way for a new generation to express themselves.

4. Through the Wind uses various natural archetypes to paint a story, trees for trust because they are rooted. Flowers to represent hope, the garden its self as a place of love and connectedness but with thorns that can get you stuck.

5. ‘By the Way’ again reminding us not to get caught up or fall behind.

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The sound of world roots' music with contemporary arrangements & well-crafted songwriting.

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