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Alpha blog: An insight into uncapped liberation…STOP

With ego intact, I speak unto myself, a constuct of my own imagination, a container of utter anguish and pure joy.

It is so simple that you continually miss it.


I want you to imagine yourself with no limitations. In this uncapped conception you are not constrained by your current situation. Now forget everything you think you know. If you feel hurt or pain acknowledge it and realise that in this limitless potential you can cast all that aside.

Let everything be irrelevant for now. Imagine yourself. Now take away the you aspect that so dearly reality clasps. Forget your name, the things you love, the things you despise, all of the stories that have played out in your life. Everything that is, all constructs that have been accepted.

You have learnt to shy away from that which is uncomfortable or painful. STOP

You are hard-wired to seek pleasure, it’s a trap that keeps you seeking pleasure. STOP

If in meditation you are seeking lasting peace, you wont find it here. While you search you will miss the point that there is only this moment, nothing to be gained here that you don’t have inside right now. No end destination but a continuous journey from here seamlessly into the afterlife.

Uncap your restrictions and stop romancing for just a split second. Stop and let your inner universe recognise itself as the universe in your pure consciousness, here is where the fear of death subsides and not even life can touch you.

Start again, begin again.

With ego intact remember you are creative and creation.

You are not ugly or in lack. You are the pure sun shining back at yourself exposing all horror and majesty.

Being so fortunate you are one who, in this time has been able to consciously stop the pervading story but for a nano second.

As a byproduct you have both a sense of peace and feel all of your pain as it comes to shatter you again and again. You remember who you are and the where you came from, a sense of where you are going. You see the romance and wonder in everything in the depths of your hopelessness.

Like the newborn that has no conditioning, somewhere deeper within us all is a place that is always stopped, within this is my truest meditation.

Brad Garnett.